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how we work

Nook Creative Co. is a boutique Interior Design Studio located in San Diego, California.  We have a holistic approach to the design and construction process where curiosity leads the way.


We understand that each project is an opportunity to craft an environment specific to how people live and experience their space every day, with beauty and function. 

About Nook Creative Interior Design Dark Sky Den Julian Living Room Close Up
About Nook Creative Interior Design Modern Home Interior
curated for how people want to feel

Heading our creative team at Nook is Sara Plaisted, LEED AP, who brings with her over 15 years of design and construction experience, with locations between Los Angeles to
San Diego.  Working with award winning teams on luxury residential, commercial and hospitality projects, Sara gives Nook a broad and rich perspective of the design-build process from start to finish.

Over the span of her career, Sara has worked on high-end residential remodels, new builds, and whole home furnishing projects, along with large scale spaces such as the Residential Stays at the Ritz-Carlton DTLA, Staples Center Hospitality Areas, Hyatt Santa Barbara and The Vintage Club in Indian Wells.  Some of her projects have been featured in Luxe Magazine, Locale San Diego and San Diego Home and Garden, and she is a frequent contributor to online publications and blogs like Apartment Therapy, The Spruce, Fixr and Lori Dennis Greenblog.

As a LEED Certified designer and panelist speaker at Dwell on Design, Sara loves to share her immense knowledge and passion for sustainability, green design, and the importance of living well in a healthy indoor environment.

About Nook Creative Interior Design Modern Home Exterior
the sum of parts that make the whole

Holistic Design is like putting a puzzle together, where every piece matters, and fits together.  We think about how something looks, how it works, and how it affects people and their experience.  We consider the big picture - thinking about the environment, and making sure the design works well for the people (and animal family) who use it.


Holistic Design incorporates important elements from our history, and plans for the future to make sure things last and work well for a variety of needs.  It means collecting experts from different fields to work together to build something great.  Ultimately, it's all about creating spaces and systems that not only look great but make our lives better.

About Nook Creative Interior Design Dark Sky Den Julian Cabin Living Room
leed AP

Interior Design is my second career.  The first was storytelling and understanding human behavior, taught through theatre, film, movement and psychology.  After extensive travel and seeing how people around the world have created unique places to live - reflective of who they are - I was hooked.  Interior Design and Architecture are the setting, the backdrop, for how we live and experience a space. 

I started my design career with a bit of a hiccup.  Just as I moved to Los Angeles for a job, with my freshly printed 2nd degree and an environmental sustainability accreditation in hand, I had a major health crisis. 

That moment completely changed the way I live at home and how I design for others.  I immediately understood the importance of not only non-toxic clean living, like our water and indoor air quality, but how color, natural materials, and lighting would make me feel.  The rhythm and flow of how I moved through my space either made my day easier or gave me micro-annoyances that added up to frustration over time.  By carving out little nooks around the home for simple but special moments, and creating order to make my life easy, I realized something....


Wellness starts at home, and a healthy environment has a ripple effect, touching every single aspect of our lives and everyone we come into contact with.


Sara Plaisted Nook Creative Interior Des

I can’t speak highly enough about Sara. She has vast experience, training and a deep understanding of design, furniture, lighting and spatial organization. She’s extremely creative, thoughtful, organized, dependable and simply a wonderful person.”- Justine K., Client

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